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FrostbiteOW Avatar
FrostbiteOW GYO Verified

Member since Mar 17, 2019

NA Region / Kansas City, KS Mix

Smough Avatar

Member since Mar 14, 2019

Kansas City, Kansas Competitive

Echoroar Avatar
Echoroar GYO Verified

Member since Oct 14, 2019

NA (East) Mix

Tzuyu Avatar

Member since Oct 17, 2019

NA (East) Competitive

Temp141537 Avatar
Temp141537 GYO Verified

Member since Oct 16, 2019

NA (East) Competitive

Sloph Avatar

Member since Feb 19, 2019

United States of America Competitive

Sir Grievance Avatar
Sir Grievance

Member since Feb 11, 2019

AB, Canada. North America West servers Competitive

PhantomX Avatar

Member since Feb 17, 2019

Americas Competitive

Vjekom Avatar

Member since May 29, 2019

EU (East) Mix

Hallucin-8- Avatar

Member since Feb 20, 2019


SadKingZephyr Avatar

Member since Mar 02, 2019

NAE Competitive

trickyvariety Avatar

Member since Mar 02, 2019

California Mix

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